Migrating from Libertarian Right

Stop me if you heard these things on Libertarian Right:

  • “True libertarian society is only possible within white monogamous culture”
  • “Migration is a detriment to free market”
  • “How many black people are for genuine free market?”

This is what passes for movement about liberty, freedom and self-determination these days. Somehow or other, while being complete ancaps on movement of products, Libertarian Right turns into strict Trump supporters, when it comes to free movement of productive people between countries and start loudly proclaiming love for our people, our borders, our culture and tradition.

Ask so called Right Libertarian if he will be ok with free movement of talent from other countries and he most likely will say no. Rare cases that answer positively, turn twitchy and defensive the moment they realize that talent might not be exclusively white.

What’s the reason behind this strict and rigid view of human beings? What lead them to conclude, that unless we all look the same and agree on exact same definition of talent, we will end up with socialism and anti-white hatred?

Truth here lies within before-mentioned opinions I’ve pointed out. The moment you accept human mind as being subject to so called race, you might as well give up all pretense at being a proponent of rational and free society. Such person doesnt consider ideas as something accepted thru evaluation and rational thinking, but rather as automatic function of genes. Since white people supposedly accept free market more readily, it must be nothing more than just a robotic response of their free market genes.

Allowing people of other races suddenly turns into allowing ourself to be outdated with supposed automatic responses of black and brown folk, who choose anything but free market, simply because they are brown and black.

In this phantasmagoria of denial of human mind, funniest thing to observe remains this: remembering the 3rd question asked above, how many white people you know that are genuinely for free market? I am not speaking of wishy-washy proponents of mixed economy or those who pretend to be for liberty right until they feel their skin color is at risk. I ask, how many actual laissez-faire capitalists you know of any race?

Thing is, they are minority in any and every race, and those racialists are well aware of it. They play the game of acceptance for free enterprise just as long as it doesn’t put the paleness of their skin under a threat. Whole concept of strictly white libertarian covenants is nothing more than cover up for desire towards ethnostate alt-right style, just by other means. And the likes of Greg Johnson already loudly proclaim that in white communities free market types will be kicked out. I suggest that this automatic response of white folk need to be evaluated by libertarian right carefully. Are you truly for free and prosperous life, or are you just looking for nice excuse to deny such life to those who spend more time on the beach than you?

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