Mission statement: what can be done today?

This venue had an interesting begining. I started it for both rational and irrational reasons, which is a bit ironic, considering my name and the philosophy I adhere to.

I started this venue and made a new name, new account, new everything because I was(and still am) disgusted by the state of the libertarian right. The libertarian right was going nowhere, they were so full of mindless racists and naive kool-aiders, it started to pour into Objectivism. I ended up meeting people who’s whole contribution to the dialogue was accusation towards other races and a fatalistic hand gesture, hopeless to change anything because browning of the US already doomed them to oblivion.
I rejected those people.

Objectivism is not only a better venue, but it’s significantly deeper and serious. Serious enough for me to jump there head-first and still only scratch the surface. I can’t say I am all that deep and knowledgeable about it. I can’t say I have all the answers. But I know it’s the right philosophy to improve myself, my life, my happiness and even the world around me.

So, after several videos of covering misconceptions, having fun and bringing up obscure points, I’ve sat down and asked myself: what should be my mission, what am I capable of, and what can be done in this life to improve the world? Is improving the world even a viable idea?

The result of my reflections is as follows. I will continue covering misconceptions about Objectivism. I’m good at it, and there’s a lot of them around. I will start some new series on relevant daily topics. Some say everything was said and done before, but our enemies keep coming up with things that need to be refuted.
But most of all, I want to do a series on explaining, propagating and advertising Objectivism as a solution for real-life problems.

I will make a “Why did they lost” series. It will be a series where I cover influential or obscure yet so relevant books I know a lot about, that managed to show the thinking of those who professed to bring about good yet ended up in a trap.

A new entry is always in the making.

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