Mission statement: what can be done today?

This venue had an interesting begining. I started it for both rational and irrational reasons, which is a bit ironic, considering my name and the philosophy I adhere to. I started this venue and made a new name, new account, new everything because I was(and still am) disgusted by the state of the libertarian right. […]

Objectivism and family

Aside from typical accusation of being a philosophy for atomized individualistic robots, Objectivism also has a weird reputation with family values. Every time Rand is mentioned, we get something akin to believe that Objectivism either doesn’t address family values, family structures and morality of family at all, or has a particularly nasty view on it.Everyone, […]

Migrating from Libertarian Right

Stop me if you heard these things on Libertarian Right: “True libertarian society is only possible within white monogamous culture” “Migration is a detriment to free market” “How many black people are for genuine free market?” This is what passes for movement about liberty, freedom and self-determination these days. Somehow or other, while being complete […]

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